Flying Fish Exit 6 Wallonian Rye to be released in early June


(Cherry Hill, NJ) – Flying Fish Brewery will release the next edition of the Exit Series in one month.

Per Founder and GM, Gene Muller, Flying Fish Exit 6 Wallonian Rye will be released in both 750s and kegs around the time of Philly Beer Week. Muller estimated production at around 1,400 cases and less than 100 kegs. The beer will be distributed in NJ, PA, MD, DE.

The label description:

“The fifth stop on our trip to explore New Jersey takes us to an area that puts the green in the Garden State. This part of Burlington County was settled in 1624 by Dutch Walloons (now Belgians) whose first order of business was to build a fort-and then a tavern. The area has always had a rich agricultural heritage and we’re using locally grown rye as an appreciation of our farmers past and present.

Exit 6 is a deceptively simple recipe- pale malt augmented by 20 percent rye, fermented with a classic Belgian yeast. But then it gets interesting with the hops: English East Kent Goldings, Slovenian Styrian Goldings and Japanese Sorachi Ace. The result is a rich saffron color with a spicy character from the rye and lemony citrus notes from the unique Sorachi Ace hops.

Since this beer is being released during Philly Beer Week, we’ve made it a collaboration brew with Ric Hoffman from Stewart’s in Bear, DE and Gordon Grubb from Nodding Head in Philadelphia.”

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