Dundee Ales and Lagers releases new variety craft pack

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06.03.2010 – Craft beer drinkers have a refreshing new way to beat the summer heat with Dundee’s new Summer Wheat. The American-style Hefeweizen hits shelves this month for the summer season and will be available through July. This summer also brings a new variety Craft Pack that debuts the Stout and Kolsch-style Ale, two styles that are also brand new to the Dundee lineup.

Dundee Brewer Jim McDermott crafts Summer Wheat with 40% wheat in the grain bill, a touch of rye malt, and aroma hops, for a very refreshing flavor. Typical of the Hefeweizen style, the beer has a cloudy appearance, and a rich, frothy head. The unique recipe results in a beer with a complex, but light flavor, citrusy aroma and crisp finish.

“We wanted to be different, so we tweaked ours with some rye malt, to put our Dundee stamp on it,” said McDermott. “The light, floral, citrusy flavor of the hops helps to finish it off just right.”

Summer Wheat can be paired with summertime foods like grilled chicken and fish, or bright summer salads, but it’s also versatile enough to be used as an ingredient. Mixing with fresh herbs and spices creates a flavorful marinade for grilled items.

“Summer is the best time of year for friends to gather outside for good food, great beer and engaging conversation,” said Jason Drewniak, brand manager, Dundee Ales and Lagers. “With our three new sytles, we have quality craft beers that fit every part of that equation.”

The two new Craft Pack styles will remain in the 12-pack variety mix until Fall, when they will be replaced by Porter and Pale Ale. India Pale Ale and Pale Bock Lager can be found in the Craft Pack year-round.

Unlike dry, Irish-style stouts, Dundee Stout possesses a sweeter flavor, attributable to the Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel 60 and Roasted Barley malts added to the mash by Dundee Brewer Jim McDermott. The beer is finished lightly with Galena hops, and the result is a rich stout with a deep, smooth finish.

“You might not typically think of stout as a summer style, but ours is a little sweeter than the dryer stouts that typically come to mind first for consumers,” said McDermott. “Stout is great with some oysters on the half shell, and I’ve even been known to drop a couple scoops of ice cream into a pint for a nice Stout float – it’s a sweet summer treat!”

Kolsch-style Ale is another new member of the Dundee family of Ales & Lagers. The ale is fermented and aged cold for a crisp, refreshing taste. This beer owes its light hop finish to the addition of the noble German Hallertau hops, and its full-bodied flavor to Dundee’s proprietary, top-fermenting ale yeast.

“The crisp, clean finish of the Kolsch makes it ideal for our Craft Pack mix this summer,” said McDermott. “It’s going to pair well with just about everything coming off the grill at your cookouts and barbecues throughout the season.”

Dundee Ales & Lagers brews and releases four seasonal beers for a limited time throughout the year. Summer Wheat will be followed by the return of Oktoberfest, a Marzen-style lager, this Fall. These seasonal specialties will be available on draft at bars and restaurants, and in six-packs at convenience and grocery stores across the United States.

“We tell craft beer drinkers that we’re ‘the best beer you’ve never had,’” said Drewniak. “But we’re also providing them with new varieties they might not have tried before at an affordable price, and helping them share that experience with friends.”

About Dundee Brewing Company

Dundee Brewing Company is based in Rochester, New York. The Dundee Brewing Company is part of North American Breweries, which also owns Labatt USA and the Genesee Brewery and a perpetual license for Seagrams Escape. Please visit www.dundeebeer.com or http://twitter.com/dundeebeer for more information.

Dundee Ales & Lagers is a family of craft beers which includes the year round IPA and a full line of limited edition seasonal releases.

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