Brew Masters on Discovery Channel and Bitches Brew Update


(Milton, DE) – Some sad news regarding the recent announcement about BREWED.

[11/21 Update: Looking to buy the Bitches Brew beer? The beer has been made again and will be available very soon, if not already, on shelves across the U.S. See the list of states where it will be available here!]

[11/3 Update: Sorry but this information is quite out of date. See the new update and show titled, “Brew Masters,” debuting on November 21st, 2010.]

No, the new craft beer show to air on Discovery Channel that was announced last week hasn’t been cancelled! However, it appears that it won’t be out this fall after all as the press release said. Stone Brewing‘s Greg Koch alluded to the show in a recent video as airing “early next year.” A bit more digging revealed a message sent from Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione to Beer Advocate shortly after the announcement:

“Hello y’all. I believe the show will start airing in Jan. We shoot from June through early fall. Our intention is to celebrate the entire craft brewing community at the same time we take viewers through our world at dogfish. It won’t just be me. It will feature a lot of my talented and passionate coworkers an many other brewers as well. Some breweries and beers we have been able to get into what we are shooting thus far, in addition to Teo and Leo’s, include Allagash, Stone, Victory, Russian River, Epic (NZ) and Sierra and homebrewer friends of mine.”

It makes me wonder whether last week’s press release went out before things were finalized or whether it was just an oversight. Surprisingly, the brewery hasn’t posted up any official word about the show on its website yet. Zero Point Zero Productions representatives with knowledge of the project won’t be in until next week to answer questions. For now, we’re stuck with two timelines though I’d wager that Calagione is right.

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