Allagash Vrienden collaboration with New Belgium gets second approval

Allagash Vrienden

(Portland, ME) – An update on what’s happening at Allagash Brewing.

Vrienden, the collaboration with New Belgium just received its second label approval. The New Belgium label was approved a few weeks back. Both beers are doing their thing in the tanks at both breweries at the moment. Says Allagash Brewmaster, Jason Perkins, “Timing of the beer is unknown at this point. It will be a mostly draft release from our end with a few bottles for sale in the store. We need to wait out the Lacto and brett and they take time. We hope late fall/early winter.” Allagash will sell its version in 375 ml bottles. A brief video of the collab is shown below.

In other news, the Brothers Beer Advocate are at Allagash as I type this, brewing up the official beer for the Belgian Beer Fest this fall. Catch all the updates from the BeerAdvocate Twitter account here (even if you’re not signed up for Twitter). One interesting message says, “New [Coolship] batch this Nov. Rob says they do plan on selling batches eventually.”

Other recent Allagash updates can be found here.

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