Avery Brewing Update: cans, expansion


(Boulder, CO) – A few notes on the Avery Brewing front . . .

Westword.com reports that Avery fired up its brand-new canning line on Tuesday with Joe’s American Pilsner chosen as the beer to christen the system. Here are pics from that day on Facebook. Cans of the Pilsner, Ellie‚Äôs Brown Ale, White Rascal and India Pale Ale are expected to be available in stores by Wednesday, September 1st per Westword.

To celebrate this new phase of production, the brewery is holding a release party on Thursday, September 2nd, at the Avery Tap Room.

The brewery also just installed a new grain silo and four brand new tanks are scheduled to arrive this month. After multiple consecutive years of reporting 20+ % growth, it flattened out for the Boulder brewer last year. The latest increase in capacity is a sign that the brewery, which produced just over 16,000 barrels last year according to the New Brewer, is ramping up production and moving toward the 20,000 barrel mark.

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