Ebenezer’s 2010 Belgian Beer Dinner Menu Unveiling


(Lovell, ME) – A beer dinner of epic proportions . . .

The most lavish beer dinner in the country takes place each August at Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell, Maine. Sean Paxton, The Homebrew Chef, prepares a gluttonous feast and Ebenezer’s publican, Chris Lively, opens up rare bottles from his storied collection. This year’s dinner, for which I’m told there are still a few seats available, is scheduled for Thursday evening, August 19th, and kicks off the week-long Belgian Beer Fest. More info on featured beers and discussion on the fest can be found here.

As for the dinner, zoom in on your browser to view the menu below or right-click the image (note: the design is similar to last year’s menu but this is the 2010 version). The price tag is $295 per person. Contact Ebenezer’s Pub to reserve a seat.

2010 Ebenzer Beer Dinner Menu Final 2

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3 thoughts on “Ebenezer’s 2010 Belgian Beer Dinner Menu Unveiling

  1. Wow, seriously — foie gras and lobster w/ Helena THEN ‘Hair of the Hare’ with ’81 DIRTY HORSE, oh my!! Every item is an EPIC event. This menu and the after dinner brews are simply out of control.

  2. Forget El Bulli or anything from Thomas Keller etc; this is now the dinner event at the top of my bucket list.

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