The Washington brewery boom


In 2010, there is a good chance that we will be pushing 200 new craft breweries. Washington is one of the central pieces of the movement.

Here’s a rundown of what’s happening with the latest breweries to apply or get their liquor licenses approved:

Bellevue Brewing. Bellevue. “Inspection and final interview by the WSLCB on September 2! Then, we wait for the feds (TTB) to stamp our application.” – Facebook page.

From The Bellevue Reporter: “[Founder, John Robertson’s] plans hit the fast track on August 12, when Robertson signed a letter of intent for a six-year lease on a 12,000 square-foot space at the Evergreen Center, located off 130th Ave. NE near the Bel-Red corridor.”

Valhöll Brewing. Poulsbo. Approved two weeks ago and operating.

Here’s the latest from the Washington Beer Blog.

Ancient Lakes Brewing. Quincy. Approved 2-3 weeks ago and operating.

Per their website, “Quincy Gold (batch #0001) has been brewed!!”

Emerald City Beer Co. Seattle. Opened earlier this month.

The brewery has released its first beer: Emerald City Dottie Seattle Lager.

North Sound Brewing. Mount Vernon. Open and kegs just debuted in Seattle over the weekend.

Termini Brewing. Lacey. Applied.

This is actually the second coming of the recently-closed Speedway Brewing. Per Facebook, “It comes with a heavy heart, but Speedway is CLOSED. Enough fighting with the landlord and the dance studio. Big Brewery coming soon…..Stay in touch. We appreciate the dedication of our regulars, but that wasn’t enough.” The latest word is that the brewery was seeking a 30 barrel system and looking for investors.

Icicle Brewing. Re-applied. The brewery is currently being constructed per Facebook.

There are over a dozen other microbrewery applications in and waiting for approval over the past two months. August applicants can be viewed here and July applicants can be viewed here.

Despite the recent closure of San Juan Brewing, approximately 20 microbrewery applications in two months is certainly something for Washington beer drinkers to cheer.


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