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Playing some catch-up here…

The talk over the Port-Moylan’s lawsuit has died down after being the story of the week. In case you missed it, after the initial press and discussions, The Full Pint posted the “legal letter that triggered the Lost Abbey lawsuit.” You can access the PDF here. Then Port Brewing’s Tomme Arthur came out with his own statement and clarifications about the lawsuit. The brewery also compiled a FAQ list over the matter. It should clear up some of the banter that took place on the message boards over the last week. Now it’s time for the courts and legal teams, for better or worse, to do their thing and bring this to resolution.

On a lighter note, here’s the rest of the beer notes…

Cigar City Brewing on its collaboration beers to be named Either, Or, Neither and Nor, with Hill Farmstead Brewery and Grassroots Brewery: “The beers are basically black IPA’s brewed with lots of citra, mt. rainier and simcoe along with Thai Thai honey from North Florida aged on medium toast Spanish Cedar. There are different hop additions in the Hill Farmstead/Grassroots version and the 2-row base malt in the CCB version is replaced with Pilsner malt in the Vermont/Denmark version. There are also some process differences which is one of the purposes of a collaboration; allowing breweries to learn from each other.”

Flossmoor Station decided it would name its new house IPA, “Rail Hopper.” More interesting (and sad), “We have been told from our printer that they are refusing to print the labels for [Collaborative Evil and the Beelzebeer] because of the content. I can only guess that they are referring to the Godless, Devil speak that we have adorned our bottles with.”

Troegs Brewing provides some details on Scratch #33, a.ka. Saison du Mueze: “I made all sorts of spice ‘teas’ and decided that the combination of sweet orange peel, elderflower, honeybush, (I have no clue what this is exactly, but it smelled great), and coriander was just what I was looking for to compliment the somewhat fruity and peppery Saison du Pont yeast strain. As far as malt and hops were concerned, I wanted to keep them relatively simple to allow the spiciness of the yeast and herbs to be in the forefront but not overwhelming. I decided on a bunch of wheat (1/2 malted and 1/2 raw), a hint of honey malt to lend a bit of sweetness, and Belgian pale ale malt for a little more authenticity. Hops were German Northern Brewer for bittering and US Tettnanger and Czech Saaz for a little added spiciness and earthiness in the flavor and aroma.”

Smuttynose discusses Short Batch #10, a Belgian Stout (draft-only): “If you had eight freshly-emptied whiskey barrels, what would you do? This is the situation we found ourselves in after we packaged the Ry(e)an Ale. Sawing them in half and turning them into planters was definitely not an option, so we had to think of a new Short Batch beer. We didn’t want to do another barrel-aged version of an imperial stout but it was difficult to stop thinking of how tasty the combination of roasted malt, caramel malts, bourbon and oak is. The obvious choice was to make a Belgian-style stout.”

…Finally, Victory Brewing caused a bit of fervor yesterday by hinting that it’s got bourbon barrels at the brewery now (link – must be a Facebook member).

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