Pretty Things KK up next in “Once Upon a Time…” Series


(Boston, MA) – Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project releases a new beer later this month.

Pretty Things Hedgerow Bitter just hit the shelves but the brewery isn’t done with September quite yet. Coming soon is Pretty Things KK, dubbed “a recreation of a hoppy, black ale originally brewed in London on November 15th, 1901.” Perhaps this beer will stir up some of the debates of the origin of this style again.

Here’s the label description: “Once upon a time, on Friday, November 15th, 1901, an Edwardian brewer stepped into a London brewhouse and brewed a beer that confounds expectations many years later. An ale darker than most Porters that uses more hops than a modern IPA.

Thanks once again to the talents of brewing hostorian, Ron Pattinson, we can reproduce this moment in time from the original brewday document. This ‘KK’ beer is brewed with several pale malts, brown malt, caramelized brewing sugars and two classic English hop varieties, Bramling Cross and Kent Goldings.

This is the second historical reenactment from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. From the reign of Edward VII, just months after the end of the Victorian era. From a London of great style and influence, where horse-drawn omnibuses crammed the bustling streets.” O.G. 1.075, 7.8% ABV.

The beer will debut on Saturday 9/25 at Swift Hibernian Lounge in New York City: “Dann, Martha and Jim from Pretty Things will be on hand to launch the beer and tell its fascinating story. Limited quantities of the 1832 Mild Ale will also be available as well as 4 other Pretty Things beers on tap. Complementary snacks will also be served. Edwardian attire is recommended.” The Boston launch takes place on October 3rd at Deep Ellum in Allston. 22 oz. bottles will probably roll out into markets in a few weeks.

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