Arbor Brewing Update: expansion, India franchise and new bottles


(Ann Arbor, MI) – published a mammoth piece this week on the overhaul at Arbor Brewing.

From the report:

With business bubbling, Arbor Brewing Co. is accelerating plans to expand production and debut three new bottled beers in 2011 while undertaking an ambitious plan to overhaul its namesake Ann Arbor brewpub and Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti into green-energy showpieces.

The company, which recently marked its 15th birthday, is also working on a joint venture agreement to open its first franchise brewpub in Bangalore, India.

India! In addition, there will be three new bottled beers.

The brewpub’s popular Faricy Fest Irish Stout will be in distribution from January through March.

Dark Corner, a beer made jointly with Dark Horse Brewery Co., will be available starting April 1, with half of each six pack made at the Corner and half made at Dark Horse in Marshall. Greff describes the beer as an imperial American brown ale with aggressive hops and malt flavoring and nearly 7.5 percent alcohol content.

The Mackinac Island Fudge Stout, a light-bodied, full-flavored and low-alcohol stout made with fudge and chocolate, will be available June through August.

Some may recognize Dark Corner (with the Frank Miller-influenced label) as a beer collaboratively brewed by the two brewers in 2007. The RateBeer entry hints that this was supposed to become an annual collaboration but, for whatever reason, it looks like that never took. The 2011 version description appears to be the same or similar to the 2007 version. Though the beer didn’t score too well at RB, both versions (DH and AB) earned an A- at Beer Advocate.

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