Beer notes: Stone, The Bruery, Oakshire, Marin, New England Brewing

New England Brewing Wet Willy 2010

In this edition…Stone Brewing, The Bruery, Oakshire Brewing, Marin Brewing and New England Brewing.

…Per Stone Brewing’s latest blog, Vertical Epic 10.10.10 will be released on October 11th where the 10th is a Sunday. That post contains lots of information and videos on the beer. For the official label, click here.

The Bruery is now trying its hand at an estate hop beer. From yesterday’s blog post (with picture), “Here’s Tyler and Kevin sorting through all of our estate hops, which you may have seen growing out front of the brewery. We grew Zeus, Chinook, and Cascade. We threw a bunch of them into an estate hop pilot batch, so make sure you come by and try some when it’s ready!”

…From New England Brewing‘s Matthew Westfall, “Wet Willy Scotch Ale will be out in about three weeks. This is a 10.5% abv Scotch ale brewed with a single malt aged on oak. This run will be packaged in 500 ml bottles and distributed to CT, MA, RI, and FL.” In addition, per this weekend’s blog post, “After Wet Willy is packaged and out the door, we’ll gear up to squeeze another batch of Gandhi-Bot in and quite possibly a draft only batch of something fun to keep us on our toes before we get the 2010 batch of Stout Trooper in the tank.”

…I reported on Oakshire Harvest Ale a while back but the brewery has posted a blog entry on the beer now that it’s closer to release.

…Finally, Marin Brewing sent out an email this weekend that White Knuckle Double IPA is back.

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