Investigators call Dark Horse Brewing fire “suspicious”

(Marshall, MI) – Someone’s going to fry for this…

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From The Battle Creek Enquirer:

Authorities are saying a fire this morning alighted under suspicious circumstances.

A building owned by the Dark Horse Brewing Co. on Kalamazoo Avenue in Marshall caught fire around 1 a.m., and firefighters recognized abnormal fire behavior, according to Marshall city’s Assistant Fire Chief Bill Hankinson.

The brewpub was not damaged, and remains open for business.


“Found that they had also broken into the tap room. Nothing appears to be gone or missing or anything gone in there but it’s just another stick on the fire basically,” said Travis Glenn of Dark Horse Brewing Company.

After fire investigators finished combing through the debris and taking pictures Marshall police arrived to start their own investigation.

General manager Travis Glenn says even though the brewery and restaurant were not damaged this will still be a huge hit to their business.

“We just got a big load of inventory hoping to have a good Christmas season and now there’s no way that’s going to be rebuilt and restocked in time for that,” said Glenn. “It’s just kind of sickening really, completely uncalled for.”

Staff are still trying to make the best of it. From a brewery rep on Beer Advocate:

Yeah, there was a fire. Some ****head broke into our taproom then the general store (across the parking lot). I’m assuming the same ****head set the fire and ruined the store. We just stocked up on hoodies and tee shirts and other items for the holiday season. It’s all ruined! As bad as this sucks, it could have been much worse and we’re thankful for that. If you want to buy a new DH tee shirt for Christmas, good luck. We already ordered more but it will take some time to restock everything. Our new expansion is going awesome and we should be brewing on our new system by Jan!!

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3 thoughts on “Investigators call Dark Horse Brewing fire “suspicious”

  1. Awful and dumb, the Darkhorse guys are great and they have a great pub. It’s a little unclear from the reports above, but the building that caught fire is across the small parking lot from the brewery/pub.

  2. Sorry to hear about that, Dark Horse. Good luck and hopefully you and your customers can still have a good holiday season. Cheers!

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