Flying Dog Coffee Stout coming soon

Flying Dog Coffee Stout

(Frederick, MD) – Flying Dog Brewery is set to release the latest in its Wild Dog Series.

It sounds as though Flying Dog Coffee Stout may hit stores by year’s end. Per Brewmaster, Matt Brophy, on Twitter this past Tuesday: “Black Dog Coffee custom roast & grind added to our Imperial Coffee Stout today. Going into 12oz bottles this year! Packaging next week.”

This will be the second batch, the first having been available only on draft. As for bottles, the brewery is calling this a one-off release on one of its event pages so this is a “get it while you can” release. A brewery rep confirmed that this would be limited to the mid-Atlantic area (not sure exactly what states). Don’t expect to find it in New England or other regions where Flying Dog is sold.

Label copy: “Ditch the yuppies with their overpriced lattes and pour yourself a pint of our robust coffee stout. Brewed with a secret roast from The Black Dog Coffee Company, it’s the perfect balance of nutty coffee flavors and chocolate malt notes. Perfect morning, noon and night, this stout’s velvety taste will make it hard to ever return to your favorite acne-prone barista. (He’ll live).”

Stats: 8.9% ABV, 40 IBU, 12 oz. bottles (4pk I believe)

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