Grizzly Peak Brewing to release three more beers in bottles in 2011


(Ann Arbor, MI) – As Grizzly Peak Brewing grows, so does its bottled offerings.

Look for Grizzly Peak Hellion (a Double IPA), Grizzly Peak Berserker (a “Heavy Duty Ale”) and Grizzly Peak Humongous (an Imperial Red Ale) in bottles next year.

From Northern United Brewing Co. VP Sales, Mike Turriff:

The new Grizzly Peak line of beer should be released sometime in mid-2011. No exact date is set as we have not completely decided. We are growing at an extremely fast rate and want to make sure that when we launch Griizzly Peak that it will not interfere with our current brewing schedules and won’t inhibit the flow of North Peak beer to our wholesale partners in Michigan and soon in Ohio.

The beers will be available in 4-Packs and 1/6 bbls. Since all of these beers are a minimum of 8.5% abv we feel that 4 packs and 1/6 bbls are the way to go from a responsibility standpoint.



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