Beer labels: Mikkeller Dream Pils, Ninkasi, Widmer Brrr, Blast by Colt

Mikkeller Dream Pils Label

Some approvals from this week…

Mikkeller Dream Pils bottles will make their way across the Atlantic for the first time. Only a draft version has previously available in the U.S. though bottles have been available in Europe for a while. The beer, also known as The American Dream, is a Pilsner with American hops.


Ninkasi Total Domination IPA and Spring Reign 6-packs will arrive around March 1st. Below is the label for TD. Note: don’t forget about RenewAle.

The Widmer Brothers Brrr label is being re-done like the rest of the brewery’s lineup.

Finally, the Blast by Colt 45 beers that I mentioned in December have label approval ahead of their April 1st launch.




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