New Belgium Somersault Ale to replace Skinny Dip


(Fort Collins, CO) – New Belgium Brewing will make a change to its seasonal program this year.

According to New Belgium Media Relations Director, Bryan Simpson, “It’s our summer seasonal for release in April to sub in for Skinny Dip which will go on hiatus for a couple years.”

Label copy: “Somersault Ale is a fun roll around on the tongue and a perfect, summer lounge-around beer that is easy to drink. Color is blonde with a suggestion of amber. Somersault tumbles out with citrus aroma from Centennial hops, a tuck of soft apricot fruitiness, completed by a smooth, upright finish with oats that were fermented in a long, slow mash. Somersaults all around!” Somersault has a 5.2% ABV and will be packaged in 6-packs and on draft.

Skinny Dip was originally introduced as New Belgium Loft in 2002. The name was changed to Skinny Dip in 2006 according to RateBeer.

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