Shipyard Double Old Thumper set to make its debut


(Portland, ME) – Shipyard Brewing announced an upcoming new release on its blog today.

Per the brewery blog post, Shipyard Double Old Thumper will debut in bottles and on draft next month.

Label copy: “Double Old Thumper is the big brother of the British Grand Champion beer, Old Thumper. Available in the United States under a unique agreement between England’s Ringwood Brewery and shipyard Brewing Company, Double Old Thumper, Double Thumper is a real beast of a beer! Created by Shipyard’s master brewer, Alan Pugsley, Double Old Thumper delivers a spicy hop aroma and a brilliant deep copper hue. This beer has a complex malty finish with a dry Simcoe hop bite. 11.2% ABV.”

Beer stats and ingredients can be found in the brewery’s post.

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