Beer notes: Founders, Three Floyds, Ninkasi, Boulevard, Jolly Pumpkin


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Some weekend wrap-up beer notes…

…Tomme Arthur vs. the World. Wow. [ed. note: if you’re not a serious beer geek, you may miss many of these references.]

…From Founders Brewing‘s blog, “Bottles of Founders beer will be available in the NYC area starting March 26. Bottles of KBS will be available (in limited quantities) starting April 2.”

…Two of the four fastest-growing breweries in the U.S. announced that they are collaborating on a beer. 21st Amendment Brewery and Ninkasi Brewing are holding a brewers night next Thursday to discuss the brew which will be released later this year.

Three Floyds Brewing will put its Dark Lord Day tickets on sale tomorrow. The brewery provided some last minute tips.

Boulevard Brewing released bottles of its Smokestack Series Imperial Stout this week. 1,396 cases produced.

Jolly Pumpkin‘s Ron Jeffries talks about the 2011 release of Biere de Mars.

Drake’s Brewing is brewing up two collaboration beers next week.

…Cans from Uncommon Brewers will be exported, “to Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Oregon, and some overseas locations as well in the next few weeks.”

Half Acre Beer Co. released Ambrosia earlier this week.

Per the Yazoo Brewing blog, “Phoenix hops for first wort and at 75; Columbus, Brambling Cross, ans Phoenix at 45; Brambling Cross at 5; dryhopped with Brambling Cross, Phoenix, and Citra. This will be heading for middle TN and MS.”

Jackie O’s posted a list of beers to be released at an event the first week of April.

Foggy Noggin Brewing says, “To celebrate the start of our second year, we brewed up a special beer. An English Old Ale, that plans to be brewed every year to celebrate this accomplishment. Watch the video to see the hands-on approach and care given to every bottle. This beer was bottled and will be available in very limited amounts – Saturday – March 19th @ 1pm.”

DuClaw Brewing reports, “A couple of days ago we shipped our Naked Fish 22oz bottles to our Maryland distributor. And next week, they will be heading to our Virginia distributor. That is right, this little brewery from Bel Air is selling beer in Virginia…”

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