Beer notes Stone edition: Wild ales, Citra and more


(Escondido, CA) – Dogfish Head has been in the news a lot lately so it’s time to pay a bit of mind to the other fan favorite from the West Coast, Stone Brewing

Head Brewer, Mitch Steele, recently appeared on The Brewing Network and had a couple interesting things to say:

On wild ales:

“One of the things that I came up to San Francisco to focus on [for the Craft Brewers Conference] was Brettanomyces. We have not done anything with Brettanomyces or any sort of sour thing. We’re looking at having some new buildings at our facility and being able to actually start doing something.

I went up to Vinnie and Natalie’s [Cilurzos of Russian River Brewing] symposium on Tuesday night and picked some peoples’ brains and I was kind of focused on that.”

As for said buildings, Stone Social Media Coordinator, Jacob McKean, said that the brewery is only in the planning stages so it will be a while.

On a new fall release:

This quote (is admittedly bit out of context and) comes after a discussion about whether hop varieties used in the bittering stage matter and the aromatic qualities of Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. Mitch Steele says, “Citra and Nelson Sauvin are hops we use for bittering and dry hopping. We’ve got a nice amount of it this year and if all goes well, you might see it in a beer in about six months.” When he said, “it,” I got the impression that he was speaking about Citra specifically. Citra was used in the collaborative effort, San Diego County Session Ale, but will this be the first exclusive Stone beer to use Citra?

Six months happens to fall directly between the release dates for the anniversary beer and the Vertical Epic beer so he could be referring to one of those beers…or not.

Other notes (from McKean)…

  • On Europe: “No real updates. We’re doing our due diligence on a site in Berlin to see if it would be feasible, but we’re still open to proposals.”
  • The brewery is in the midst of a major roll-out in Minnesota, followed quickly by Missouri on April 19th
  • Stone is expanding the Stone Company Store and still awaiting ABC approval of our South Park store/growler station
  • Oakquinox is April 17th, Sour Fest is coming up in June and tickets for the 15th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival go on-sale in the coming days
  • Stone is adding a beer festival to its line-up during San Diego Beer Week called “Pour It Black”, which will feature stouts & porters
  • Cherry Chocolate Stout, the winning beer from the AHA Rally & Homebrew Competition, will be brewed soon with the goal of having it ready to serve during the NHC, which will be held in San Diego June 16-18

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