Samuel Adams hopes to put end to SanTan glass

(Boston, MA) – More craft beer legal battles…

Boston Beer Co. is going after SanTan Brewing for allegedly copying the design of its special glass.

Boston Beer Corp. says Peter Sciacca, a glass importer, and Anthony Canecchia, owner of SanTan Brewing Co., are infringing on its patents.

Boston Beer has asked the International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C., to halt the importation and sale of the di Sciacca heavy-base Pilsner glass, saying it’s too similar to the Samuel Adams Boston lager glass.

Though the glasses appear to look pretty similar, Sciacca’s attorney says that BBC’s patents protect the functionality, not the design.

Michael Gerity of Phoenix, Sciacca’s intellectual-property attorney, said Samuel Adams has only design patents, not a utility patent. He said its design patents, which cover only ornamental features, are invalid.

“Samuel Adams is barraging the market with TV ads that show that every single element of their glass has a functional capacity,” he said.

The ads show the glass is thinner to keep the beer cooler, and the lip is designed to release the aroma, for example.

According to a Facebook post from SanTan, the brewery received its first shipment of the glassware in May 2007 after several prototypes. Boston Beer first marketed its glass in February 2007.

Beer drinkers seem to be split on the matter.

You can view the patents here and here.

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5 thoughts on “Samuel Adams hopes to put end to SanTan glass

  1. I’m with Sam Adams on this one… regardless of it being a coincidence or not, when I see the other glass, I think of Sam Adams.

  2. What business are you in? Tap handles or beer glasses or better yet,

    Doesn’t Jim Koch have enough people kissing his ass these days? Apparently not

    Now people see a glass and think of Samuel Adams. Scary

  3. @John – lol. I agree. When I see the glasses, I think glasses that were developed by people such as Pottery Barn, William Sanoma, Macy’s, et al back in 2001… As a matter of fact I might have glasses that are that old and that style. Interesting that they developed that style. I am sure there is a glass blower out there that can think of a time they made a glass that looked exactly like that. When I first drank San Tan, I never once thought, him that is a Samuel Adams glass. Get real.

  4. Sam’s glasses are made very poorly too. Washing one I have had for two weeks just left me bleeding into my sink. Sam should focus on beer and not profits nor Chinese glassware!

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