Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp pack revealed (update)

Sierra Nevada Juniper Black Ale

(Chico, CA) – The first labels are in for Sierra Nevada‘s upcoming “Best of Beer Camp” mixed pack.

[3/4 Update: From Bill Manley, “The other two beers are a Weizenbock, and a Double IPA both from Beer Camp (the IPA will be Ghidorah). The Weizenbock will be a strong, blond weizenbock fermented with Kellerweis yeast.” Expect to see this released in May.]

The brewery is moving ahead with its plan to release a mixed 12-pack of some of the brewery’s Beer Camp offerings. Sierra Nevada’s Bill Manley said back in October that they were aiming to release the variety pack this spring (four varieties of three bottles each).

The first ones to get approval for inclusion are Juniper Black Ale and California Common. You can see the full description of these beers on the official Beer Camp website.

Stay tuned for more details…

Sierra Nevada California Common

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3 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp pack revealed (update)

  1. I wish that SN would just release a variety pack of their year-rounds but this seems like fun (only if these 12 packs don’t take a scavenger hunt to find and don’t cost an arm and a leg).

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