Beer labels: Lagunitas, New Belgium, Samuel Adams, COOP, Snoqualmie, Fire Mountain and more

Lagunitas Doppel Weizen

New labels…

Lagunitas Our Own Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen: 22 oz. Label copy… “In far-away 2006, in a beer hall in Philly, at the end of a long road, we shared our first beer with a Friestat Bayern Brewer enharmonically named Wolfgang. At stake, over a Prima Pils, was whether or not Lagunitas would purchase from him a new 80bbl brewhouse. It was a lot of money. Playing Silenus to my Brewery’s chariot, together- with the benefit of the Pils- we forded the emotional-economic crevasse and commissioned the brewhouse. Unforseeable at the time would be the need for even more brewing capacity today in extra-local 2011. So, for the sixth time in our short history, we lurch down that increasingly familiar road towards a new 250 barrel brewhouse. The actual installation, beginning in November, will bear a stong resemblance to a heart transplant, on an awake patient, performed on the backside of a galloping horse, or at very least in tow behind Dionysus’ trustworthy Silenus. Some is good, more is better. The good new is; it’s still us.”

New Belgium Sunshine Wheat: Returning to cans. This one was first introduced in that package in April 2009. [Update: Staying Colorado-only this year.]

Samuel Adams Lightship: Returning after a long hiatus (in kegs at least), this was eventually replaced with Sam Adams Light. Sam Adams Light may be the worst-selling package for the brewer on a year-over-year basis.

Also of note, the brewery got approval for Hemingway’s Sunset Ale kegs. No additional info available at this time.

COOP Farmhouse Ale: This sour beer debuted on draft this week.

Snoqualmie Powerhouse IPA: This beer boasts the use of Cascade and Columbus hops with a big malt profile. The label also reminds me of DC Brau or Revolution Brewing branding but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Mucho Aloha Hawaiian style Pale Ale: The only question I am left with is what makes this beer from California-based Butchers Brewing, “Hawaiian-style?”

Fire Mountain Bogart Northwest IPA: Already on tap, this one is coming to 22 oz. bottles as well. It uses six hops including Cascade and five malts including Maris Otter and Canadian Pils.

Evolution Rum Barrel Golden Ale: New offering coming up in the Migration Series…Golden Ale aged for seven months in Oak Rum barrels. Packaged in 750s.

Barrel Trolley Belgian White: Another private label offering from World Brews and the second from this line in particular

New labels/packaging for existing beers:

Redhook Late Harvest
Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter
Zywiec Porter

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6 thoughts on “Beer labels: Lagunitas, New Belgium, Samuel Adams, COOP, Snoqualmie, Fire Mountain and more

  1. Tell me – who does better labels than Lagunitas? Exactly!
    I gotta say – I’m really excited about this new beer. Traditional beers are hard to come by these days. But I should try to stay on topic…

    Looking forward to a warm summer evening, Custom Shop Charvel running through a Marshall turned up to 10 – glug,glug,glug…..

  2. re: Samuel Adams Light – according to SIG-Food figures for 2010, SA Light was the 11th best selling craft beer, with 1.8% of the total craft market. For BBC, it was their 4th best, after BL, the “seasonal” and “variety pack”.

    I was surprised to see that, too. IIRC it’s not kegged, only bottled. So, maybe that’s why the Lightship is returning- for a “light” draft offering?

  3. You’re right about Sam Adams Light not being available on draft. I guess it’s really hard to compete in the Light beer category in the on-premise side. Maybe Lightship is just a short-term novelty comeback kind of thing. It does add a story element when you tell people you’re bringing a beer back after several years. Those regional craft brewers love them some stories.

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