Beer labels: Schlafly, Three Heads, Two Beers, Alchemist, BridgePort and more

Schlafly Porter

The new labels just don’t stop rolling in…here are eight more.

Schlafly Porter: The brewery may just put this one in bottles. It is currently listed as retired on Beer Advocate but RateBeer shows some recent reviews.

Three Heads Ontario Coast: The brewery’s first seasonal according to their Facebook page. “This is our Belgian-style IPA. We will be using a unique yeast strain that imparts luscious fruity and spicy flavors. Combined with an ass-load of hops, this beer will be the perfect summer beer! Also, it weighs in at 7.5% [and 72 IBUs].” Would you be upset if you bought an IPA that didn’t make it clear that it used a Belgian yeast strain? More importantly, would an average beer drinker think something is off with this “IPA?”

Two Beers Evolution IPA: One of the most daring label designs that I have seen yet for cans. A quirky shape may translate well for bottles but we will see how it translates for cans.

The Alchemist Heady Topper: The much-discussed IPA is coming to cans soon and the label has been approved. I don’t recall a release date being set though some discussion on BA says it could be in June.

BridgePort Summer Squeeze: New summer seasonal coming out of Oregon…”ale brewed with lemon zest and Yuzu fruit juice added”

Figure Eight Jumbo Love Black Barleywine: This has been limited as a draft/growler-only beer but is headed for 22 oz. bottles. O.G. is 23.7 deg. Plato.

Milwaukee Saison: Not much info on this one though the Midwest Beer Collective interviewed Assistant Brewer, Nick Van Court, who said his go-to beer was Saison Dupont. Perhaps this beer draws some inspiration from it.

Cottonwood Frostbite: This beer is returning with a new look as part of Foothills Brewing’s purchase of Carolina Beer Company and re-launch of its various brands.

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