Beer labels: Sierra Nevada, Quaff Bros, Straight to Ale, Bat Creek, Baying Hound


Latest batch o’ labels…

Sierra Nevada A Lighter Shade of Pale: Per Philly Beer Week’s Facebook page (via Jack Curtin), “Casey Parker (Jose Pistola’s) reports the Philly crew this brewed a 4.2% session ale out at Sierra Nevada Beer Camp [#46]. It’s made with Spalt, Crystal, and Challenger hops and it’ll be called “Lighter Shade Of Pale.” Watch for this during Philly Beer Week. The only spot listing it so far is Grace Tavern for an event on Wednesday, Jun 8th.

Quaff Bros Hop Flood Bourbon Barreled Ale: Beer Advocate lists Quaff Bros. beers under Mt. Carmel but this beer was brewed at Rivertown. The locals probably have a better grasp on the situation than I do but it looks like this is looks a standalone brewing company operating as an alternating proprietorship or by a similar arrangement. In any case, this beer features the following hops: Bravo, Perle, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra, Chinook and Zeus. Yikes! 12 oz. bottles.

Straight to Ale Bock Rogers, He Aint Heffe, Monte Sano Maibock: New keg approvals for Alabama

Bat Creek Pike County Pale Ale: Been seeing a lot of approvals from these guys lately…here’s another bomber.

Baying Hound Aleworks Marmageddon: Another new bomber coming from this small Maryland brewery

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One thought on “Beer labels: Sierra Nevada, Quaff Bros, Straight to Ale, Bat Creek, Baying Hound

  1. FYI

    Quaff Bros is the private label for the warehouse sized liquor store in Bellevue, KY just across the Ohio River from Cincinatti. They have single barrel batches made at local breweries to be sold in bottles or their growler station.
    Mt. Carmel made the first 3-4 batches and Rivertowne (the newest brewery) made the last 1-2 batches.
    I’ve tried a couple of them and they’ve been very good

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