Dogfish Head Update: Sales up 25% in Q1, Black and Red, Hellhound On My Ale


(Milton, DE) – Some notes from a couple Dogfish Head blog posts yesterday…

Per a distribution summary from Sales Manager, Adam Lambert (what a name):

  • Dogfish Head sales are up 25% over Q1 2010. The brewery is hoping to keep year-over-year growth near 20%, making things more manageable for them than in prior years when growth was between 30% and 50%.
  • In Q1, 25 states were up in sales and two came close to last year (the latter because Dogfish Head had challenges in getting them supply). I wonder what states those were?
  • Robert Johnson’s Hellhound On My Ale has surprisingly already shipped to wholesalers. There is already a bottle on eBay, too. The beer has its own dedicated website that is not yet live.

Meanwhile Sam Calagione blogged about an upcoming draft-only release that I posted here a couple weeks ago, Black and Red:

  • “Black & Red is a velvety smooth dry-minted stout with a serious fruit problem! The huge portion of heavily roasted grains brings a rich, chocolaty character which contrasts it’s sweet fruity full-body. As you tilt your glass, you’ll notice that the black color you are perceiving is actually a very deep reddish hue and the rich creamy foam has a tinge of pink to it. Black & Red starts off roasted and warming with a robust mintiness from 100 lbs of organic mint (from our friends at Washington’s Green Grocer) added to the secondary fermentation and finishes out sweet and smooth. It’s Darn-right pudding-like in it’s depth an chewiness. Best enjoyed 6 ounces at a time from a sniffer in lieu of a banana split.”
  • Also of note, the brewery is installing, “four new 600 bbl bright tanks, two new 600 hundred barrel fermenters, and a sweet new mill that takes our daily brewing capacity from 700 barrels to 900 barrels” according to Calagione. They aren’t expanding into new markets anytime soon though.

Finally, a glance at DFH’s Facebook and Twitter pages show that the brewery fielded over a dozen questions about 120 Minute IPA on Tuesday (and that doesn’t include phone calls). There is still no update on that beer as of this morning but it won’t be shipping this month. One beer that recently did ship is Black and Blue.

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