Ithaca Beer Co. brews Phish-inspired beer, Stash IPA


(Ithaca, NY) – This hit my inbox just a half hour ago.

Some may recall the beer that Sierra Nevada brewed called FOAM for a Phish fest back in 2009. What is it about craft beer and Phish that just seems to go together?

Per the email:

Ithaca Beer Co. is chill to announce plans for another one-off beer coming out early June called Stash.

No coincidence, the aptly named Stash, is an homage to one of Ithaca Beer’s favorite jam bands, Phish. Also, no coincidence, Phish is coming to Watkins Glen International (practically our backyard) July 1-3, 2011. While you won’t likely see our homegrown tribute ale on the raceway grounds because it’s not The Official beer of Super Ball 9, you will find it on draft at a slew of craft accounts around the Finger Lakes leading up to the festival.

Stash will be a one-off India Pale Ale weighing in around 6.0% ABV. If your mouth isn’t watering already, you’re about to become a drooling mess when we tell you Chief plans to pull the dankest hops from his “hophead stash” for this IPA.

Available in draft only and VERY limited in distribution. All Stash inquiries should be directed to Ithaca Beer at #(607) 273-0766. Closer to the date, a list of places you can find Stash will be made available.

To find out more about this “Sensational. Mind-blowing. Fantabulous” Super Ball 9, check out the official phish website at …oh wait, we didn’t officially say that!

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10 thoughts on “Ithaca Beer Co. brews Phish-inspired beer, Stash IPA

  1. Reminds me of the Cambridge Brewing Company (You Enjoy my Stout, and others) and Magnolia Brewery (mostly GD refs, but some phishy offerings)

  2. “If your mouth isn’t watering already, you’re about to become a drooling mess when we tell you Chief plans to pull the dankest hops from his “hophead stash” for this IPA.”

    We get it; Phish fans LOVE drug references and are pot heads.
    Now go listen to some other music that isn’t horrible.

  3. There is a brewery in Austin, Texas called Independence Brewing that produces a IPA called Stash as well.hopefully these brewers can sort things out

  4. I think it will be fine. I don’t believe Ithaca plans to make this a recurring release and as far as I know, the two breweries are not distributed anywhere near each other.

  5. Avery brewing co and Russian River brewing co both produced a beer with the same name, after everyone thought they would sue each other they decided to brew a collaborative beer called “Collaboration not Litigation Ale”. Everyone in the craft beer community seems to be cool about that kind of stuff

  6. Ithaca brews are definitely praiseworthy–a strong line of quality products. This sounds like a great addition to the mix, and the homage to Phish, especially considering their upcoming festival over 4th of July weekend is both appropriate and deserving.

    I love a hop-tastic IPA (probably my favorite type of beer) and nobody does it better than right here in the good old US of A.

    Speaking of which, I’d venture to say that Phish is likely the finest and most entertaining rock and roll band playing today. Not to resort to mudslinging, and to each their own when it comes to musical tastes, but I effectively disregard the opinions of anyone who can’t at least appreciate their virtuosity as musicians. I’m talking to you Beercorder.

    Go Ithaca!

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