Three Floyds Dark Lord Day Update and more


(Munster, IN) – An update on today’s earlier story and some other notes…

4/20 Update: Just in case there was any misinterpretation of what I wrote earlier, I changed the wording from “Bourbon Barrel and Brandy Barrel with Vanilla Beans” to “Brandy Barrel Dark Lord with Vanilla Beans and (some version of) Bourbon Barrel Dark Lord.” The separation of the two should be more clear now.

I nibbled and got what I could though some of the key info that people really want just isn’t available yet…

Three Floyds Sales Manager, Lincoln Anderson, confirmed that there will be a number of variations of Dark Lord released at this next Saturday’s event but that not all of them will be available in bottles. For those that will be, like Brandy Barrel Dark Lord with Vanilla Beans and (some version of) Bourbon Barrel Dark Lord, there will be a small number of each in bottles and a “lottery” will be held at the event for a chance to buy them. Anderson said that the system will be fair and completely random. As for the “666” on the Metromix bottle pic, the number sounded high to him in terms of actual count.

He also didn’t have a bottle count or bottle limit number available for the original Dark Lord. Bottle limit and more details on the lottery will be revealed closer to the event.

Anderson read off some breweries that will have beers there on tap but this is, by no means, a complete tap list:

  • The Bruery
  • Pizza Port
  • Dogfish Head
  • Founders
  • Schlafly
  • Victory
  • Goose Island
  • Furthermore
  • a bunch of Indiana breweries (there may even be an Indiana “section”)

Other non Dark Lord Day brewery notes…

Anderson also confirmed that they are planning to bottle Zombie Dust eventually, probably in 6-packs, but that it is not high on the priority list right now.

The brewery will pass the 20,000 barrel production mark this fall per NWI Times. Three Floyds added a whirlpool which will help with efficiency and Anderson noted that they are considering their options for increasing capacity. They are not looking into expanding into new markets anytime soon though.

This past week, 3 Kings Pale Ale, a collaboration with Sun King Brewing, debuted on tap. Almost all of the beer will be allocated between the two breweries. Indiana breweries producing less than 20,000 barrels get tax breaks, self-distribution rights and on-site sale privileges. Three Floyds and Sun King created 3 Kings to help bring awareness to an initiative to raise that limit. The Senate unanimously approved a measure last week to raise that limit to 30,000 barrels and that bill now goes to the House (and then to the Governor if passed). According to Anderson, it was more of a stopgap measure and more work will need to be done to increase it further.

Finally, another source told me that Urbain Coutteau of Struise will be in town during Chicago Beer Week taking place next month. He will be brewing/collaborating with a few local breweries including Three Floyds, Half Acre and Pipeworks. No further details are available. There are a few details on yesterday’s Pipeworks blog post.

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  3. just as a correction: its not “this saturday”…that would be the 23rd. DLD is on the 30th.

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