Avery Eighteen Anniversary Ale revealed and six more new labels

Avery Eighteen Anniversary Ale

Several new labels from breweries west of the Mississippi…

Avery Eighteen Anniversary Ale: Label copy… “For this year’s celebratory brew, we decided to focus on the characteristics that certain yeasts bring to the party. Each of the five Belgian yeasts selected adds its own unique aspect to the flavor and aroma of this saison. The hefty addition of rye helps dry this beauty out and lends another spicy component to the flavor. And for added fun, we subtly dry-hopped it, too! Brewed with malted barley, imported malted rye, imported specialty malts, hops and a blend of five Belgian yeast strains.”

Other approvals:

Mother’s Old School Oktoberfest
Tenaya Red Ryder Creek Ale
Speakeasy Betrayal Imperial Red Ale
Potosi Wee Stein Wit
Ancient Lakes I-90 IPA
Red Lodge Czech Mate Pilsner

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