New beer labels: Real Ale, Uinta, Bristol, Lone Peak, Lompoc, Beta


Several new beer labels here with a West/West Coast slant…

Real Ale 15th Anniversary Ale: Label copy…A majestic ale for a monumental occasion. This noble brew evolved from its common cousins, porter and stout, by necessity to endure the long voyage to the Russian royal court. Colossal additions of American hops are used to balance the robust malt character and infuse this ale with their distinctly citrus-like qualities. 15th Anniversary Ale can be consumed now or laid down for later enjoyment.

Uinta Cutthroat Pale Ale: The brewery unveiled its new logo last month and we’re starting to see how the re-branding will play out on packaging. This label is for a staple in the portfolio.

B 6000 – Bristol’s Belgian-style Dubbel: It so happens we’ve always wanted to do a Belgian-style beer series. And what with the advent of our 6000th batch, there was no finer way to kick it off. Meet our Belgian-style dubbel; a frothy marriage of deep, caramelized richness, fruity undertones, and the lush complexity that bottle conditioning brings.

Other new beer labels:

Lone Park Hellroaring ESB
Lone Park Hippy Highway Oatmeal Stout
Lone Park Nordic Blonde
Lone Park Lone Peak IPA
Lompoc SoapBox Dry-Hopped Pale Ale
Beta Brewing (non-descript label but noteworthy for use of QR code)

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