New Belgium hunting for ‘east’ brewery location


(Fort Collins, CO) – The craft brewery boom continues.

As Sierra Nevada continues its search for a second brewery location in the East part of the U.S., we learn today that New Belgium is also on the hunt out east as well.

In an email last month, New Belgium Spokesman, Bryan Simpson, said, “Only update at this time is that we plan to have that decision made by the end of 2011. Not planning on a restaurant or pub, but I would never say never.”

That exchange came after the discovery of a trademark filing late last year in the “hotel and restaurant” class of goods.

Westword’s Jonathon Shikes confirmed today that the brewery is looking east for a second location and that it may, indeed, have a restaurant.

Like Sierra Nevada, New Belgium is environmentally conscious and a second location based in the east will help reduce its environmental impact as it looks to expand distribution to the East Coast. The brewery previously announced distribution plans for Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. beginning this September.

With Sierra Nevada and New Belgium looking to open new facilities, Bell’s Brewery investing $52 million over the next several years, Lagunitas Brewing’s $10 million expansion and yesterday’s announcements regarding Stone Brewing’s $26.6 million expansion, it is clear that the top regional breweries are bullish on continued growth in the craft beer market.


Photo credit: Betsy Weber on Flickr (Creative Commons)

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7 thoughts on “New Belgium hunting for ‘east’ brewery location

  1. Would this second location expand their distribution beyond the states already announced?

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  3. I think these guys are making the right move, and with expanded production should be able to finally get ahead of demand and lower costs, increasing sales and competition with macro-crafts. In ten years we’re gonna look back and say remember when a million barrels looked huge for a craft brewer?

  4. Come on, New Belgium! Got hooked on Fat Tire visiting family in CO. Would love to see it hit stores in FL!

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