Sierra Nevada Brewing issues Tennessee statement


(Chico, CA) – Here is Sierra Nevada Brewing‘s response to the legislative limbo in Tennessee.

….as sent by Communications Coordinator, Bill Manley:


It is true we are looking for a new facility in the East, although, no final decisions have been made as to whether we ARE in fact going to build. Nevertheless, we’ve narrowed our search down to a handful of locations and we are doing our due diligence in finding the best spot for our company moving forward.

That said, one of the requirements for us in any site is to be able to brew and sell the full lineup of our beers. All of the states on our final lists either A) Have laws that would already allow us to do what we are doing here in Chico or B) Are working on amendments to state laws that would allow us to brew and sell our beer.

Sierra Nevada does not employ lobbyists in any of the states we are considering for a potential eastern location, and have had little-to-no input on any of these potential bills moving through state governments. We are in the business of brewing beer, not writing legislation. We have no interest in excluding craft brewers, nor limiting the favorable business environments that allow the craft brewing community to thrive. At the end of the day, we have very little control or involvement over the legislation in question.

As it currently stands, Tennessee state laws would make it impossible for us to brew beer above 5% ABW (6.25% by volume) and it would also be impossible for us to sell beer out of a potential gift shop at a future site located within the state.

When we were first considering sites to locate a potential brewery, we had “The ability to brew our full lineup of beers” on our list of requirements before any considerations could be made. We assume this current Tennessee law was designed to accommodate this requirement and to make that state a more attractive candidate for us in our search for a new brewery. This bill is an attempt to make that state more attractive as a potential site for our Eastern facility.

The bill itself is very fluid, and a current “work in progress.” It has come to light that as the bill currently stands, it could potentially harm the craft brewing community in Tennessee. We have communicated to Tennessee officials encouraging them to take a “do no harm” tactic in allowing craft brewers across the state, wherever they may be, to brew whatever type of beer they see fit. Sierra Nevada has always supported the notion that what’s good for craft brewing is good for us all. We want to ensure the craft brewing environment across the country is healthy, vibrant and strong.


Photo Credit: Buy the ticket, take the ride. (Creative Commons)


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14 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Brewing issues Tennessee statement

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  2. Thank you Mr Manley for taking the time to respond to the propose legislation in my home state of Tennessee . I appreciate the stance that Sierra Nevada Brewing is taking on this issue . Not only do you make great beer but you are true to the brotherhood of brewers , as it should be .I for one would love to see SNB open a facility here in Tennessee . Now it’s time for a Torpedo ! Again Thank You ! Sincerely Gil Cupp , Franklin , TN

  3. I would love to see Sierra Nevada here in East TN. As a transplant to the area almost 15 years ago, I think there are fewer places more beautiful than the Smoky Mountains. It would be a great choice to expand their business. Although the amendment to SB1224 has caused a bit of a furor among the craft beer community here in Tennessee, I for one think it has the positive effect of causing our state legislators to finally take a serious look at the states alcohol laws. Thank you to Sierra Nevada for considering of small corner of the country to expand to, and thank you for inadvertently being the catalyst to positive change (hopefully).

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  5. I am delighted that Sierra Nevada is publicly speaking out against any wording in the proposed legislation that would injure the craft brewing community in Tennessee, including any new craft brewers seeking commercialization in the future. I know that I speak for the craft beer enthusiasts in Tennessee when I welcome SN to our great state. I sincerely hope that once this legislation passes in a better form that you will consider our great state for a new brewery and that this experience has not left a bad taste in your mouth.
    Your enthusiastic beer fan,
    Danielle from Murfreesboro, TN

  6. ..Come to Louisville KY. and enjoy a great city of parks and a thriving downtown development with only a few sub-par breweries at best. Great centralized location for major distribution in the mid-west/east coast. Don’t forget the Derby every May as well. Would love to be a part of such a great eco=minded company. I have many 6=pack cartons to prove my allegiance to Sierra (Torpedo hop-head)Nevada. PLEASE consider that Louisville is a progressive and possibility city of close to one million people and a Democratic Mayor.

  7. Thank you Sierra Nevada for encouraging the state legislators of Tennessee to not limit the bill to the “pilot” program it was amended to originally. Tennessee desperately needs some changes to its alcohol laws in order to promote the craft brewing industry, and I think that you all at SN seem to be helping this along. There has been a recent upswing of stores and people pushing the craft beer scene in Knoxville, and am glad to see it happening, as 4 years ago when I moved here there was not much of the industry to speak of. Thanks again SN, and I hope that if this bill passes that you would seriously consider East TN home for your new location. You sure would have a LARGE number of followers, most definitely including me!

    Adam B. from Knoxville, TN

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