Struise Collaboration Update feat. Half Acre, Three Floyds, Pipeworks, New Albanian

Small Animal Big Machine

Here are a few details on Struise‘ three collaboration beers…

Update: Struise is brewing up another collaboration beer with New Albanian today called, “B’Urban Trotter.”

Shark Pants with Three Floyds: Per Struise’ Facebook page, “[Last Tuesday], we are at 3Floyds to collaborate on a very hoppy brew. 260 ibu, 9% abv with a huge load of citrussy hops. Brought the Struise yeast Strain for the occasion.” Three Floyds calls it a Belgian style Double IPA and posted a few photos up on its blog.

Small Animal Big Machine with Half Acre Beer Co. and Pipeworks Brewing: Per the Half Acre blog, “On Wednesday we brewed a collaboration beer with Pipeworks and De Struise. […] I would say that each influence had a chance to impact this beer and the result will be something of its own. We did a traditional sour mash, used Urbain’s yeast from Belgium and are incorporating a slew of fruit. This beer will be here soon. 22oz bottles will be yours.” Struise calls it, “a red sour ale at around 8.5 % ABV, for the occasion to be fermented with red currents and cherries.”

Naughty Girl with New Albanian Brewing: Yesterday, Struise made its third (and final) collaboration while on the U.S. tour. No style mentioned but a few stats via Facebook, “6% abv, 69 Ibu & 6.9 Ebc.” Judging by some of the photos on Struise’ FB page, the name may or may not have been inspired by a trip to the Kentucky Derby.


Photo Credit: Half Acre Beer blog (artwork done by Phineas X. Jones)

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  1. Nice write up but you omitted to mention the main producer of this project, that is the owners of the Louisville beer store & Holy Grale, Lori Rae Beck & Tyler Trotter :-)) Thx for updating, cheers B’Urban @ Struise

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