Flying Dog Brewery Update: Table for Two, Iowa

Table For Two 12 oz Body

(Frederick, MD) – A few notes from one of the country’s fastest growing regional breweries…

According to The El Bait Shop and a second source citing confirmation from Glazer’s Distributing, Flying Dog Brewery is pulling distribution out of Iowa. That said, I’m unaware of a public confirmation from Flying Dog or any other states being mentioned.

A few weeks ago, I revealed the label seen above for a new collaboration beer. There was little to no info available at the time but I got a hold of some information from Flying Dog:

It’s a Maryland collaboration for the ages with Flying Dog Brewery and The Brewer’s Art coming together to create Table for Two — a Belgian-style Table Beer brewed with wildflower honey.

Table for Two’s sweet honey aroma and flavor complements its complex biscuit malt tones and spicy, fruity yeast notes. At 5% ABV, its clean, dry finish lends itself to (dare we say) ultimate quaff-ability for our hot and humid East Coast summers.

This Flying Dog and The Brewer’s Art and collaboration will be available at The Brewer’s Art and in select mid-Atlantic retailers beginning in July.

Hops: Brewers Gold, Styrian Goldings
Specialty Malts: French Pilsner, Cara-Vienna, Rye, Biscuit
Format: 6-packs

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2 thoughts on “Flying Dog Brewery Update: Table for Two, Iowa

  1. On a similar note, the manager at the Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits I usually shop at noted when I was buying a six pack of Left Hand Sawtooth Ale that they were pulling out of Iowa as well! We’ve only had the higher a.b.v. law on the books for a year, I think we need to give people a little more time to get into craft beer.

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