Beer notes: Sierra Nevada, Port Brewing, BrewDog, Epic, Surly, 3 Heads, Stillwater


Part I of today’s beer notes update.

Photo Credit: Buy the ticket, take the ride. (Creative Commons)

Sierra Nevada Brewing: Metro Pulse hints that Virginia has either evened the score with Tennessee or charged into the lead in Sierra Nevada’s East Coast HQ hunt. “But we hear the sneaky Virginians have come back to the company with an offer to sweeten the pot and Tennessee may have to call, raise, or throw in the cards. The brewery, which the new legislation authorizes for the first time, would be able to have an attached restaurant and pub and allow sampling of its craft beers on the premises—all activities previously forbidden in Tennessee.”

Port Brewing: Three upcoming releases…Fri, 8/5 – Port Summer Pale Ale. Fri, 8/17 – Port Panzer Pils. Fri, 8/19 – “Two time Alpha King winner Hop 15 makes its first return since it went seasonal last winter. Expect to see it in bottles and on draft in the tasting room and throughout our distribution network.”

BrewDog: Just blogged about why supporting ‘craft beer’ is a more worthy mission than supporting ‘real ale.’ “Real Ale is exclusively focussed on beer re-fermented in cask or bottle regardless of quality or flavour. Craft beer focuses on being fucking awesome regardless of arbitrary rules and out-dated distinctions.”

Surly Brewing: Working on a beer called Surlyfist which is a variant of Surlyfest Lager

Epic Brewing: Per today’s newsletter, “Head brew master Kevin Crompton is experimenting again! (It’s why we love him.) He’s filling cabernet wine barrels with Brainless on Cherries. It is fermenting and ageing now for an October release. This is sure to be an exciting change for this Exponential beer and the first time we’ve done beer in a red wine French oak barrel.”


3 Heads Brewing: Just approved by the TTB is Bromigo, a Smoked Maple Amber Ale.

Stillwater Brewing: First we had Stillwater Artisanal Ales; now we have Stillwater Brewing. This Minnesota-based nanobrewery was just featured in the St. Croix Valley Press.

Bonus I: Ever gone to a brewery tour, been befriended by a fellow beer drinking stranger and then had your wallet stolen at knife point by that person? That’s exactly what happened to someone at Lagunitas Brewing on Tuesday.

Bonus II: Beer continues to plummet in the latest Gallup poll in which Americans are asked what alcoholic beverage they prefer.

Bonus III: Stan Hieronymus spills the dirt on terroir.

Bonus IV: Dark Lord’s final gravity is nutty.


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