Cigar City Oak-Aged Jose Marti, Scheldebrouwerij Hop Ruiter up next in Rare Beer Club


Last month was the first time I featured the Rare Beer Club here. Hopefully, some of you got your hands on that Broederlijke Liefde beer that people are talking about. Bottles from the RBC sold out last month but it is still on tap for a limited time in Philly.

This month brings another Belgian-style offering as well as a limited Cigar City Brewing beer. CCB’s Joey Redner confirmed that it will not be available outside of the brewery and Rare Beer Club.

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What is available this month?

Cigar City Oak-Aged Jose Marti Porter: “What’s remarkable about this beer is that it tastes like it was aged in used bourbon casks, yet it wasn’t—the bourbon notes are due to the heavy infusion of oak via Cigar City Brewing’s masterful methods of getting wood flavors so fully integrated into their beers.”


Scheldebrouwerij Hop Ruiter: “It brings to mind the ‘original’ Belgian Strong Pale Ale (Duvel) as much as it does an extremely Saaz-heavy Czech Pilsner, blended with a dash of Wild Ale—and it’s a very nice combo. Really quite a unique beer, with raucous subtlety that doesn’t need to cite a flashy ingredients list to ‘go extreme.'”

Alternatively, you can substitute in any of the following past selections that are still available:

Southampton Cuvee de Fleurs (Strong Ale)
Uinta Cockeyed Cooper (Bourbon Barrel Barleywine)
V Cense by Jandrain-Jandrenouille (Saison)
Cuvee de Jonquilles by Au Baron (Saison)
Draeckenier by Brouwerij Troch (Belgian Abbey Tripel)

So, what do I get when I order?

You can order a no-obligation membership or a prepaid membership. There is no cancellation fee. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. There are three different membership levels:

Platinum – (6) – 750 ml. bottles each month, three bottles of two different beers. $68.95 plus $18.00 S&H per month.

Gold – (4) – 750 ml. bottles each month, two bottles of two different beers. $51.95 plus $15.00 S&H per month.

Silver – (2) – 750 ml. bottles each month, one bottle of two different beers. $31.95 plus $13.00 S&H per month.


Handy Information:

There is flexibility in terms of how often you choose to receive beers and what beers you receive. Personal and gift memberships can be shipped monthly, every other month, quarterly or even on specific months.

Rare Beer Club personal memberships are given additional flexibility through their Future Shipment Update (FSU) Program. Members are sent an email at the beginning of the month detailing the two up and coming selections and a form that allows them to either skip the entire shipment, skip only one of the beers, or add more bottles of either the featured beers or their favorite past selections. In short, you’ll never get a beer you didn’t want as a personal member.

Memberships can also be ordered to give as beer gifts as opposed to just for yourself.


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