Fort Collins Brewery reveals distribution changes

Incredible Hop Label

(Fort Collins, CO) – Some bullet points from today’s Fort Collins Brewery newsletter…

Colorado: We’ve partnered up with Elite Brands to better serve the state of Colorado. Elite will be representing FCB throughout our great (big) state while FCB will continue to service Fort Collins and Loveland.

Kentucky: Statewide distribution kicks off in July with Bryant Distributors. Bryant has come full circle with Red Banshee and Chocolate Stout, two brands they purchased back in the day from HC Berger!

General Distribution in Oregon comes on line with FCB to service a new franchisee called “The Rock”. The Rock has 10 locations in Washington and has chosen FCB as their central craft brewery as they plan to expand across the US in the next couple of years.

Louisiana: FCB is now represented by Jim Carey Distributing in addition to Baton Rouge Beer for even more availability in the Pelican State.

Our Brewers Lunchbox and Incredible Hop are California Dreamin’ as a truckload heads West this July.

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