Goose Island to split 312 Urban Wheat brewing duties with Anheuser-Busch


(Chicago, IL) – A couple noteworthy changes were announced by Goose Island today…just four months after the announcement of AB InBev‘s purchase of the brewery.

The changes as outlined by the original The Chicagoist report include:

1) “outsourcing the remaining brewing of Honkers Ale and India Pale Ale to Red Hook Ale Brewing, with locations in Portsmouth, NH, Seattle and Woodinville, WA”

2) “brewing of 312 Urban Wheat ale will be split between Goose Island’s Fulton Street brewery and an Anheuser-Busch brewing plant in Baldwinsville, NY”

CEO, John Hall, told multiple outlets that this meant the return of Christmas Ale, Nut Brown Ale and expansion of barrel aged and sour ale projects.

AB CEO, Dave Peacock, said at the time of the purchase announcement that A-B would not brew Goose Island beers in St. Louis but he apparently never ruled out New York.

Earlier this month, it was reported that AB InBev was trademarking area codes that could potentially be used in local-themed beers similar to 312 Urban Wheat.

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17 thoughts on “Goose Island to split 312 Urban Wheat brewing duties with Anheuser-Busch

  1. happy for the owners who have put in years of hard work and got to cash in, but F*&K A-B they will destroy GI

  2. Wait. So you people are still frazzed even though this means larger quantities of the beers you fight tooth and nail to get ie Bourbon County. Yeah big business evil corporation blah blah blah, but from the looks of it, it means we get more of what we want. Am I the only one seeing this?

  3. It is important to look at all sides of this. First, this was a decision by Goose Island, not A-B. Second, the reason this decision was made is because Goose has struggled in keeping up with demand. Third, Goose has already been brewing at Redhook & has brewers in place to supervise, the same that will be happening with the AB brewery (and currently, only draft will be produced in NY). Fourth, if moving 312 allows Goose to continue to develop their AWESOME extreme ales, barrel aged ales, sours & Belgians…how is that not a complete win? This purchase has allowed Goose access to resources they could only dream of & there has not been ONE negative thing that has happened since this purchase, just negative speculation of what may happen. I feel confident that Goose & AB is going to prove everyone wrong!

  4. BTW – I’ll make sure to toast all the boycotters with all the tasty innovative beers that you won’t be drinking! haha

  5. Shame they couldnt use some AB money to build a second Chicago facility to handle demand.
    Keep it local, you know, like brewing a beer in NY with Chicago’s area code as its name.

  6. And buying all those tasty innovative beers will help fill the coffers of those nice fellas from Brazil.

  7. I highly doubt that ABcdefg will leave GI alone to its own devices! I hate to say that you will soon be seeing adjuncts used to improve profit margins! It has always been the product that they have produced! The people making the decisions do not understand the quality aspect of craft beer! After all they are marketing people they have yet to get the craft beer movement! You die hards keep thinking it will be the same, it never is! Don’t get trampled by a team of horses jumping off the GI bandwagon!

  8. Chris I totally agree. This is a slippery slope they are going down and I totally expect A-B to gut GI in the end.

  9. Beerecorder: they are building a 500,000 bbl system in the heart of Chicago. But those things take time. And then their current brew house becomes dedicated only to their biggest beers.

  10. They will cheapen GI just like they did Redhook. Anyone that knew RH before the AB takeover knows what I’m talking about.

  11. Many thanks for the trust of Goose Island’s supporters. Goose is saying what it is doing and doing what it is saying. Criticism of the company and its beers is fair. Criticism of future actions invented in the imaginations of the critics – that’s politics, not beer.

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