New beer labels: Saint Arnold, Otter Creek, Blue Moon, East Coast, Cricket Hill

Saint Arnold Pumpkinator

Today’s beer label update

Saint Arnold Pumpkinator: As reported by Barley Vine this past fall, this is the remake of Divine Reserve #9. The beer is an Imperial Pumpkin Stout. Capitol City Brewing has had a beer called Pumpkinator for a while now though they didn’t bother to file a trademark application for it, something Saint Arnold recently did.

Otter Creek Twentieth Anniversary Ale

Blue Moon Valencia Amber Ale

Blue Moon Peanut Butter Ale

Blue Moon Lime Wheat Ale

Blue Moon Lemon Wheat Ale

Blue Moon Farmhouse Ale

East Coast Beach Haus Winter Rental Black Lager

Cricket Hill Colonel Blides Cask Ale (just a label re-design)

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