Conflux No. 01: Hair of the Dog, Deschutes collaboration update


(Portland, OR) – Hair of the Dog Brewing‘s “Top Dog,” Alan Sprints, joined The Brewing Network last Sunday.

BLEND UPDATE: Per Deschutes Brewery’s Twitter feed, “Today we are determining the blend of Conflux No.1, a collage of Fred, Adam, The Dissident & The Stoic.”

Here is what Sprints teased about the Deschutes collaboration project, Conflux No. 01. Keep in mind that this project was first announced in late April, 2010…

I’m doing a project with Deschutes Brewing where we have some Cognac barrels and Sherry casks. It’s amazing how much nicer those beers taste than the ones in bourbon barrels.

It’s the first collaboration I’ve done with any other brewer. I brewed two beers of mine and Larry [Sidor, Deschutes Brewmaster] brewed two beers of his. They’re all barrel aging now- they’ve all been in barrels for over a year. We’ll blend them together in some portion and release a beer, hopefully, sometime later this year.

Brewing Network Q: Is the project going to be done before Larry leaves Deschutes to start his own brewery? [He is slated to stay at Deschutes through the end of the year]

Yeah, I think so. I’m actually heading to Deschutes in a couple weeks to do a blending/tasting of barrels. I don’t know if we will get a final blend at this tasting but it’s possible.

The word out of Deschutes earlier this summer was that the beer may not even be ready until 2012 but this sounds promising.

For reference, the interview took place on 7/31 so blending would take place in mid-August. Sprints also dishes out a lot of brewing knowledge and talks at length about his beers so the whole episode is well worth a listen. He comes on around the 50-55 minute mark and sticks around for about two hours.

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