Iron Hill Brewery aging an imperial stout in several different barrels (video)

The New School Beer Blog, as part of its Behind the Pint video series, caught up with some brewers in Portland earlier this month. A who’s who in the craft beer world and all founders of their respective companies (except for Bradt who is Head Brewer): Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, Gary Fish of Deschutes, Rob Tod of Allagash, Mark Edelson of Iron Hill, and Steve Bradt of Free State.

I picked up a couple interesting bits from the discussion. The first is related to Iron Hill Brewery:

Iron Hill Brewery Co-Founder and Director of Brewery Operations, Mark Edelson revealed that Brewer, Bob Barrar, is working on a barrel-aged imperial stout. He’s got some in a ruby port barrel, a tawny port barrel, a sherry barrel, a bourbon barrel, a wine barrel and a rum barrel. No further details were discussed.

According to Edelson, Iron Hill’s nine locations collectively produce approximately 7,500 barrels of beer a year and employ over 800 people.

Expect to see Iron Hill’s name again this Saturday when the GABF award winners are announced. Iron Hill is one of the most decorated companies in the competition’s history.

Bonus: The gentlemen discuss Portland strip clubs in the last minute of the video.

iron hill brewery


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