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These tidbits were reported a month ago but better late than never. Here is what Magnolia Pub & Brewery’s Dave McLean has to say about the new project…


From Food GPS:

Q: Where do things stand in your expansion plans? A: We’re pretty far along in the planning process and waiting on our building permit, so all the ducks are in a row and we’re almost ready to start doing some construction. We’ve just got to wait. It’s been almost a year-long process, just navigating the city bureaucracy. It’s going to be a 30-barrel brewhouse. It will probably open with the ability to do somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 6000 barrels a year out of there, but it’s a pretty big space with some room to expand, so we can go up from there, hopefully, and we’ll continue to brew to here.

And from The Local Dish:

The brewmaster stayed tight-lipped about the specifics for the 8,300-square-foot space, but said it will house a brewery and restaurant with a menu that keeps inline with values upheld at Magnolia in the Haight.

via Food GPS » Q&A with brewmaster Dave McLean (Magnolia Pub & Brewery)


via x2 The Local Dish


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