UPDATE: Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder (Gradually, Quietly, Steadily)

faster bigger better bolder

(Placentia, CA) – Here is what I got on release info from The Bruery‘s Benjamin Weiss…

“Standard Bruery distribution, but limited. Around 10,000 bottles. Hoping to release at the end of September or beginning of October.”

So there you have it.

For anyone who is still confused by the beer page (link below) and didn’t click the Specs tab to see the description I posted yesterday, here it is:

Faster, Bigger, Better, Bolder (Gradually, Quietly, Steadily) is an homage to the contrasting lifestyle views of American excess set against the more humble and traditional ways of Japan. Brewed with kumquats and our own seven spice schichimi togarashi blend along with sake yeast, this is an excessive beer brewed with tradition in mind. $1 from each bottle sale will go towards rebuilding Japanese breweries and households that were destroyed during the recent earthquake.

The beer pages are still in development and kind of suck right now while in beta. Sorry. They will eventually be awesome though. I promise.

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