Boston Beer Co. quietly launches Angry Orchard cider brand


(Boston, MA) – Walking through the beer aisles, you may have walked right by this package not realizing that it had come from Boston Beer Co.. The company stealthily launched a new brand of hard cider late last month called Angry Orchard.

To start out, there are three 6-pack offerings in the lineup: Apple Ginger, Traditional Dry and Crisp Apple. Sightings have ranged from New England all the way out to Colorado thus far.

This isn’t Samuel Adams’ first spin with hard cider either. It is being positioned as a premium offering above its other cider line, HardCore Cider.

Both brands are coming out of the Samuel Adams facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It may be a coincidence though one place is discounting Woodchuck Cider this month.

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47 thoughts on “Boston Beer Co. quietly launches Angry Orchard cider brand

  1. I just bought a 6 pack of AO Crisp Apple at Market Basket in Hudson, NH. really good stuff. $6.99 a six pack.

  2. I just bought a 6 pack of the AO Crisp at Wegmans in the Syracuse area for $8…cant wait to get home and try it.

  3. i live in southern MD and around here they are only about $7 a 6pack but they can hardly keep them in stock

  4. I spotted it at the Maryland Rennaissance Festival last month on draft, and I bought a six-pack of the Crisp Apple a week ago (I don’t remember them saying which variety it was at the Fest, but it tasted the same so I assume that was also Crisp Apple). It’s my new favorite cider. Might try the Apple Ginger next time.

  5. I love this cider!! Best cider I’ve had since I got back from Europe!!! Found it at Shaw’s supermarket, but they don’t seem to carry it anymore. I’m looking for another retail outlet.

  6. I just had it on tap at Chili’s in Bangor, Maine. Awesome! Really took me by surprise. I will have to keep an eye out for the six pack, but it might be too late in the season now.

  7. I had all three kinds of OA while in ny for x-mas and enjoyed them all only problem is I live in va and can’t find it around here..I have the same issue with finding cider jack.

  8. This stuff is great had it on tap in Portland,Maine for the first time last month. I live in Southern Connecticut and the sell it everywhere here…Crispin hard cider is def just as good and not as sweet.

  9. I found this ontap @ chili’s in Dover NH and fell in love. I am nit a beer drinker so it is nice to have an alterative on tap at a local watering hole.

  10. We just got it in at the Brown Jug in Anchorage Alaska. I tried them all and they are good!

  11. I just tried the Apple Ginger Cider – heaven in a bottle. This the best cider ever made. Send me free samples anytime!

  12. I just bought some at Kroger in Cincy for 7.99. It is the best cider that is mass produced that I have tasted so far. Most have a chemical taste (Strongbow). American still has a ways to go before it can compare to the cider from Devon county England. Over there, it is stored in the wooden kegs at the pubs.

  13. just got a six pack of the crisp variety in Northport Alabama. so i assume it is already spread through the south east.

  14. Publix in Brevard Co, FL carries it, as well as Dog N’ Bone British Pub, and Paddy Cassidy’s Irish Pub.

    Angry Orchard Crisp & Gin (with lime) – Angry Ginny..
    Angry Orchard Ginger & Jameson – Angry Irishman


    They have been seen at the Sams Clubs and some of the Martins. Kroger might have it
    Brothers Pizza in Dinwiddie has it on tap.

    I’m sipping on a cold bottle right now.

  16. It is being distributed at the Disney Epcot wine & Food festival for the next 6 weeks in the World Showcase over near the Germany section. Tried it yesterday along with a bunch of other beer brands – so good!

  17. I Havent had that one yet but Woodchuck Hard Cider from Vermont is really good and they use only apples from the US. The Dark and Pear are my favorites.

  18. Here is what happened to me. I was in Maui at MONKEY POD, my friend and I were walking through the bar. I told him, out of no-where, that Sam Adams had this new Cider out. It is called ANGRY ORCHARD. He, then turned and looked at me and said, “The one with the Beer Handle, that they have on tap?”. “I just looked and said yes!”
    We then went to our table and ordered a couple. Like I will always say-“It is just like Martinelli’s Cider!”.
    Mulligan’s also has it on tap in Wailea, Maui.
    I then put it on tap at Steamer’s Grillhouse in Los Gatos, CA.
    This is just to keep my friends up-dated.

  19. I just put this on TAP at Steamer’s Grillhouse in Los Gatos, CA. It rocks!

  20. I am not a beer drinker , but a friend got me to try AO crisp on tap in Jacsonville Beach, Fl. I loved it. I want to try the ginger. I’m looking for the six pack

  21. I put this Cider on tap at Steamer’s Grillhouse, in Los Gatos, CA and it is on fire! People love it. Come try it, GREG

  22. Now Miami. Crisp is very good. Miami does a lot of cider – lots of Spanish and Irish

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  25. I always drink it from the bottle, but last summer we were on a boardwalk where we couldn’t have glass, went into a pub and ordered one and they gave me one in an aluminum can…it really sucked!!!! Tasted nothing like when you drink it from a bottle! I had a tough time getting it down and if I hadn’t paid so much for a 12 oz can I would have dumped it.

  26. You really need to get a shot of Fireball with your Angry Orchard in a chilled glass. Once I started drinking Angry Orchard and now I can’t drink anything else. I want to go out for Mothers Day, but most high end restaurants don’t carry it. Can you give me a list of nice restaurant in orange county, California. HELP! Thanks!

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