Total money spent on Founders CBS on eBay surpasses $10,000

founders canadian breakfast stout ebay

That is in just one week since Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout’s initial release. That number could easily double by month’s end.

Nearly 200 total listings of the beer have gone up to date.

Just over 100 auctions have completed with winning bids.

The average spent per bottle between the bid amount and shipping is just over $100.

Total spent on a single bottle has ranged anywhere from $75 to $135.

An empty bottle even fetched one seller over $50.


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7 thoughts on “Total money spent on Founders CBS on eBay surpasses $10,000

  1. I wonder if that empty bottle gets refilled and recapped and sold on ebay again. After all, you are only buying the bottle and not the contents.

  2. Good point Jamie. Someone will pour in a cheap stout, a bit of cold coffee and a dash of maple syrup and get $100

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  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. This is hysterical. Honestly. $100 on a single beer so you can brag to your über beer geek friends?

  5. Nice piece Matt. I went to Dark Lord Day two years ago. What a s*it show. I now buy the tickets and have my friends in Michigan deal with the BS for a couple bottles every year. Winner? Me. I only pay $12.50 for the ticket.

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