Chick Beer ownership responds to craft beer community backlash

That being said, we’ll blind-taste Chick Beer against any light lager. At 97 calories and 3.5 carbs, you simply cannot beat us.

I invite anyone out there who wants to make an Imperial IPA for women to give that business model a try.  About 5% of beer sold is craft beer.  That means that the female craft beer market is perhaps 1% of the total beer market.  You simply cannot build a business on a base that small.

Fascinating interview over at Indy Beers.


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8 thoughts on “Chick Beer ownership responds to craft beer community backlash

  1. I can see why there would be backlash from feminists over this (after all, what doesn’t provoke backlash from feminists), but backlash from the craft beer industry? Seriously people, chill. How does this have anything to do with the craft beer industry?

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever read so much B.S. marketing speak in one place at one time.I’d bet this is Minhas (Trader Joes) Simpler Times Lager in a different package.

  3. 1% of the beer market is pretty damn good. The majority of craft brewers out there don’t hold .1% of the beer market.

  4. But it was the packaging and marketing that people railed against. The taste was never called into question, as far as I’m aware. Also the whole feminist low cal assumption BS.

  5. David, the backlash wasn’t from feminists. It was from everyone who thought that “chick beer” is a stupid marketing gimmick that doesn’t reflect the female beer-drinking community. Making a piss-water lager and selling it at $9 a sixer, just because it’s marketed towards women, is an incredibly stupid idea.

    It’s clear that Chick Beer is owned by people who don’t actually drink beer and are just out to make a buck. They are the scum of the craft beer world.

  6. Chicks like good beer, same as dudes. No need to market to them with an insult by saying “here, this beer is frilly and girly and low in calories. It’s for you, miss.” If you want light beer you know where to go. If you want to try craft beer, leave it up to the craft breweries. Don’t marginalize women by telling them they need a girly beer as if regular beer was too masculine to be appropriate for them. That’s BS.

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  8. This is moonshot all over again; a crappy marketing concept led by a non-brewer. It will fail because the product is crap, and they don’t have the resources to outbrainwash B/M/C.

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