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Funky Buddha Brewery to expand ops in 2012

In just a few short months, March 2012, Funky Buddha Brewery will begin distribution of our beers. Many of you are shaking your heads and wondering how we are distributing on our modest 1.5 barrel system. Well, we’re not. One of the most amazing things that we have covet about this business is the generosity and overall feel of community in this industry.

Cigar City Brewery has continued to strive to put Florida Beer on the map, and are allowing us to brew on their system. We are going to launch one, possibly two of our core brands as we plan for our full brewery expansion. Yes, that’s right…the Funky Buddha Brewery will be a full scale production brewery in South Florida in 2012

The brewery is getting pretty solid reviews on RateBeer thus far though if they decide to distribute out of state, they can probably kiss those prescription labels goodbye. Can’t see that design passing the TTB sniff test.

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2 thoughts on “Funky Buddha Brewery to expand ops in 2012

  1. ZERO service and then they hit you with a 18% gratuity. What????
    Very poorly crafted beer. Infection and off flavors defines the beer. It is amazing they haven’t gone out of business with beer like this.

  2. I don’t know where the guy that commented before me went to, but the buddha beers are some of the best beers i have had period. My favorite place to go to, i drive 75 miles round trip to go there about every other week and have never had a bad beer there at all. Can’t wait for the expansion and the chance to help push the name of the funky buddha across the country!

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