Sierra Nevada Pale Ale cans hit production


Photo Credit: slyk on Reddit

UPDATE: These are not yet in production at the brewery, only in production at the can manufacturer. Apologies for the false/early alarm.

(Chico, CA) – While Sierra Nevada Brewing‘s official Facebook page inexplicably featured photos about “My husband in the Mount Mansfield Backcountry’s Hellbrook Trail in Northern VT….” Sidebar: seriously, is this the Facebook page of the second largest craft brewery in the country or someone’s personal Facebook page? I have no idea at this point…

Back on track…while that was happening, someone went on Reddit and posted a photo that was much more worthwhile…Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on the canning manufacturer’s production line on the canning line. Someone also posted a shot of Sierra Nevada Torpedo 16 oz. cans.

Both were are expected to be released next month but maybe we’re going to get an early holiday surprise. Perhaps the release of cans will coincide with the brewery’s announcement of an East Coast brewery? We shall see.

Anyway, thanks for saving the internet today, slyk (via Reddit).

via Reddit Beer.

5 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Pale Ale cans hit production

  1. Adam,

    These cans are not on the canning line. They’re coming off the production line at our can manufacturer.
    We have not yet begun to fill the finished cans with beer. We’re expecting a March release of both Torpedo and Pale Ale cans.

    Our Art Director posted the photos originally. He is understandably proud of the design work that went into these cans, and all of the hard work it took to get them made.

    I think they look great and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Thanks for all the interest.


    Bill Manley
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

  2. When you make corrections / updates why do you cross out the text of your existing article, instead of posting concise and new text?
    It makes for an awful read.

  3. Sorry, I had an error in the correction itself. I think if you look back it at now, it will make more sense.

    Doing it this way is actually pretty effective in my opinion and not uncommon but I can see the other way also being effective. Different strokes, different folks.

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