Anchor Zymaster Series #1 to be a lager

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(San Francisco, CA) – Anchor Brewing announced its new draft-only Zymaster Series on its website yesterday.

Zymaster n [Gk zyme leaven + master – more at ZYMURGY]
1: a new word coined by Anchor Brewing to describe a brewmaster with hands-on experience throughout the a-to-z process of creating a new beer, from the research and selection of the raw materials and development of a recipe to brewing, fermentation, cellaring, and finishing
2: a unique series of beers from Anchor Brewing, rooted in its exceptional respect for the ancient art and noble traditions of brewing and featuring extraordinary ingredients, innovative techniques, and unusual flavors

The Zymaster Series inaugural brew will be released at special events leading up to and throughout SF Beer Week, February 10th – 19th, and available on draught only in 13.2 gallon and 5.16 gallon kegs. Initial distribution will be focused in California.

Today, Jay Brooks reports that the first beer will be a lager.

Carpenter told me they wanted to do something distinctly Californian, and they searched brewing logs and records that they could find from early California brewers. Reasoning that as soon as brewers had the technological ability to brew lagers, that’s what they did, so they turned their attention to lagers. In California, Boca Brewing is believed to have made the first lager in the state, around 1875 (according to American Breweries II). The town of Boca was located in northeast California, roughy 6.5 miles from Truckee. In 1880 it had a population of around 200 people, though today it’s literally a ghost town. The brewery was founded in 1875 and closed in 1892, four years before the Anchor Brewery opened. So Anchor set about to recreate the first lager brewed in California.

Full scoop over on the Brookston Beer Bulletin.


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3 thoughts on “Anchor Zymaster Series #1 to be a lager

  1. I really hope it’s the rumored classic california lager made with like… 80% flaked maize.

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