Brewers weigh in on Sierra Nevada news

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(Mills River, NC) – Some of the more chatty breweries on social media have been understandably quiet today with Sierra Nevada Brewing‘s announcement capturing the headlines. Still waiting for more comments, especially from the other local Asheville-area breweries, to come in though Asheville Brewing and Nantahala Brewing have already publicly voiced support since the announcement today.

Per the Citizen-Times

“This is a fantastic day for the beer community and for Asheville and Western North Carolina,” said Asheville Brewing president Mike Rangel, who has long sold Sierra Nevada beers at his pizzeria and brewpub. “It really establishes us as more of a craft brewing mecca.”

And some tweets…



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5 thoughts on “Brewers weigh in on Sierra Nevada news

  1. Roger again being very obtuse and not getting straight to his point which is to say, expansion as he sees it is good as long as it goes no further then the actual geography a beer is produced in. Taken to its logical end the “Tweet” he had a few weeks back that he would not serve Sierra beer that was not made in Chico, he should not serve it now. Because it is not from New Albany.

  2. Agreed. Roger should keep his opinions to himself instead of attempting to spread such “craft beer hatespeak.”
    He certainly does not speak for the majority in craft brewing, despite how vocal he may be.

  3. Roger can have his opinion, even if it is ridiculous. Sierra is the epitome of quality in this industry and anyone who knows anything about beer will echo that sentiment. When you actually care about quality and variety and deliver on both, the “evil” of becoming big just ceases to exist.

    Best of luck on the new venture, despite not needing an ounce of it.


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