Iron Hill Maple Shade tapping ten barrel-aged beers for Barrels, Bourbon and Bugs event

Barrels Bourbon and Bugs

(Maple Shade, NJ) – Iron Hill Maple Shade is holding a beer release event in a week. Here are the details from the latest newsletter.

Barrels! Bourbon & Bugs is our celebration of barrel aging, both bourbon aging and wild beers that undergo all or part of their fermentation in used wine barrels.  Next Saturday, January 21st at noonwe’ll be tapping 10 barrel aged beers, five bourbon aged and five “wild” beers.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with wild beers, these are beers that have undergone all or part of their fermentation with something other than your usual beer yeast.  Specifically the wild yeast Brettanomyces or a blend of bacteria such as lactobacillus and pediococus.  Wild beers, of course aren’t for everyone.  But people who love them are fanatical about them.

As always we’ll be offering samplers of all of the special beers, one sampler for the bourbon beers, and one sampler for the bug beers.

Barrels! Bourbon and Bugs Lineup

The Bourbons

Bourbon Bock – Traditional full-bodied, dark German lager with distinct malty and bready characteristics in aroma and flavor. Aged in a used Bourbon barrel for 5 months. 6.5% abv

Bourbon Porter – Our award-winning Pig Iron Porter aged in bourbon barrels with whole vanilla beans. Roasty malt and pronounced Bourbon flavors with a nice vanilla aroma. Served on nitrogen. 5.3% abv

Bourbon Aged Reily’s Chocolate Ale – Brewed with chocolatier Mike Collins of Reily’s Candy in Medford, NJ. A rich, malty brown ale brewed with generous amounts of dark chocolate and roasted cocoa nibs to give it a distinct chocolatey character. Aged in a used Bourbon barrel for 3 months. 7.0% abv

Bourbon Cherry Iron Fish – Brewed in collaboration with Casey Hughes of Flying Fish Brewery. An Imperial Black Belgian IPA. Loads of American hop bitterness, aroma and flavor mingling with fruity and spicy characters from Fish’s house Belgian yeast and all balanced by a touch of roast. Aged in a used bourbon barrel on 40 pounds of sour cherries for four months. 9.5% abv musspellng

Bourbon Quadfather – Big, rich, complex and chewy Belgian Strong Ale aged in used Bourbon barrels. We’ve made you a beer you can’t refuse. 10.3%

The Bugs Flemish Red Ale – Malty reddish-brown ale fermented in stainless with the Roselare blend then aged in used Pinot Noir barrels for 9 months. Malt sweetness and toastiness followed by an assertive but pleasant sourness. 5.3%

Heywood Strong Belgian Golden Ale – fermented in oak with 100% Brett L. Tart, dry, phenolic and funky. 7.5%

Wine Barrel Wee Heavy Strong Scotch Ale – fermented in stainless then aged in a freshly emptied Pinot Noir barrel and spiked with Brett L. Malt complexity mingles with a touch of spiciness and pie cherry aroma from the Brett and a warming alcohol character. 11.0%

Saizanne Wood – A classic Belgian-style farmhouse ale, unfiltered, bright and light-bodied. Fermented with the earthy, fruity and spicy DuPont strain, spiced with pink and green peppercorns, then spiked with Brett B and finished in oak. 7.3%

Drie Caprice Strong Belgian Golden Ale – hopped with American Cascade and Amarillo hops, fermented in oak with 100% Brett B. Bright, tart and spicy. 6.8%


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